CNC throughfeed drilling machine N2508

Four individually movable drilling blocks arranged on two gantries ensure maximum productivity. Simultaneous machining of long workpieces or parallel machining of two short workpieces guarantee a highly efficient machining process.

A robust machine frame with integrated workpiece transport system controlled by 16 servo motors forms a reliable basis for precise workpiece positioning.

The panels are fed via a roller conveyor with inclined rubber rollers. Automatic loading allows the machine to be integrated into automated production lines. A conveyor belt system with four separately controlled areas and two simultaneously operating stations as well as an unloading station ensure reduced auxiliary times. The two workstations are driven by frequency-controlled servo motors, which allow fast starting and stopping. The workpieces are positioned separately in each work station.

The work table 3,000 mm x 800 mm  made of robust phenol in combination with the vacuum clamping system ensures maximum accuracy, especially for horizontal drilling.

Vacuum clamping system

  • vacuum cups are activated automatically depending on the panel size

Two independent gantries with four drilling blocks

  • master/slave drive system for the gantries
  • four separate drilling blocks (Y axis / Z axis) for simultaneous machining of two short panels or one long panel
  • cross layout of the four drill heads allows for a minimum hole spacing

Drill head configuration

  • in total 100 drills: 
  • vertical: 21 x 4 
  • horizontal: 3 x 4 in X; 2 x 2 in Y 
  • additional pressure system for maximum precision in horizontal drilling

Guide ruler

  • adjusts the panel in Y direction
  • moves up and down in X direction to secure horizontal pressure


  • IPC with 17“ screen
  • USB port
  • SYNTEC control
  • hand wheel for easy feeding of new workpieces

Technical data N2508

Workpiece dimensions

length (double work station)250 - 2,500 mm
(2 x 250 -2 x 1,300 mm)
width120 - 800 mm
height12 - 50 mm

Max. travel speeds

X axis80 m/min
Y axis80 m/min
Z axis20 m/min

Drilling block

vertical drills21 x 4
horizontal drillsX=3 x 4, Y=2 x 2
speed4,000 RPM

Vacuum pump

power5.5 kW
suction flow rate160 m3/h
suction pressure0.5 kg/cm2

Dust extraction

pipe diameter4 x 200 mm
dust extraction speedmin. 28 m/s
extraction connectionØ 250 mm, height 2,400 mm
extraction capacitymin. 4,950 m3/h
pressure lossmin. 2,200 Pa
 Note: Weight relief at extraction hose!

Compressed air

7 bar

Power supply

power41 kW/68A
frequency50 Hz
voltage400 V, 3 phases

Machine dimensions

space requirement11,200 x 2,100 mm
height2,300 mm
weight5,000 kg