Company & Brand

Wood IQ offers high quality machines for cabinetry. For its high quality the company founder stands with his name. That’s’ why we name the machines Lohmeyer.

Our Business Model

Whether you are a joiner, cabinet maker, running your own business or manufacturing cabinets in an industrial way: 
Our product portfolio is the smart choice for professional cabinetry – since it has only one goal in mind – your success.

Optimized for your needs

20 years of experience in the wood working industry has been implemented in our product line. Short decision processless bureaucracy– decentralized structure and knowledgeable service

Standardized products, high quality Best – Practice – Machines will promote your success. Our machines are optimized to the core, proven in the market and reliable. Easy to use and short implementation time in your shop is included in the Lohmeyer – IQ series.

Carefree package

The combination of reasonable pricing, short delivery and reliable service is unbeatable. Whether you increase your machinery, your capacity or you replace existing machines: Work smart - with Lohmeyer from Wood IQ.

Die Firma Wood IQ vertreibt ein komplettes Maschinensortiment für den professionellen Korpusbau. Für dessen hohe Qualität stehen die Firmengründer mit Ihrem Namen ein. Und deshalb heißt die Maschinenmarke Lohmeyer IQ. 

Find out about your benefits with Lohmeyer