Edgebander Lohmeyer KAM 780 IQ

Workpiece transportation - the foundation for the perfect edge

Mechanical inflow lock and optical signal

Where other makes only have a flashing indicator lamp, we have fitted a mechanical stopper. For smart and reliable edge banding.

By the way: We placed the transport belt very close to the units for particularly narrow workpieces (min. 80 mm) and high precision 

Optionally, also workpieces of min. 30 mm width can be processed – talk to us!

Telescopic workpiece support

Especially wider workpieces can be moved throughout the full processing area of the machine thanks to the telescopic support in scissor design The support device is laterally guided by ball bearings. 

Every detail of the machine design serves only one purpose: Your perfect edge joint!

Infeed ruler for the accurate infeed of the workpiece into the machine

  1. The high quality linear guiding system guarantees a high repeat accuracy and precision of adjustment.
  2. The broad infeed ruler in connection with the high precision chain ensure the stressless infeed of the workpiece.

The pre-milling unit is provided with two powerful motors (3.7 kW) and prepares the glueing of the workpiece. The routers jump in/out pneumatically and work in up-cut or climb cut. The chip removal is precisely adjusted with a fine adjustment device. Linear guiding systems guarantee accurate pre-milling for a long service life.

Precise spraying of abhesive in front of the premilling aggregate prevents the glue from adhering on the plate. Flow optimized guiding plates ensure a chip free glue joint and a clean glue pot.

Before the glue station the workpiece edge is warmed up to approx. 180°C. Thus, the workpiece is perfectly prepared for the glueing with the edge material and another potential source of glueing error is eliminated. The diameter of the cutters is 125 mm, with its 12,000 rpm it rotates at the optimum speed for panel processing.

Edge feeding and glueing

Pressure zone with five rollers

The first roller runs synchronously to the feeding system. After the first contact, workpiece and edge are transported at the same speed with high pressure. The high-quality pressure zone with five conical pressing cylinders provides a clean and strong pressing of the edge with the workpiece especially in the upper and lower area.

Fully automatic and user-friendly

That‘s how rolled and tape material is smartly fed into the machine. No tools needed for a change over. The pneumatic feeding roller ensures the edge material supply. A floating element protects the glue application roller against wear and ensures a uniform glue joint.

Trimming aggregates with high repeatability

The edge projection at the front and rear workpiece edge are neatly removed by a drawing cut.

High-quality linear guide system and the tiltable trim units (2 x 0.35 kW, adjustment 0° to 15°, 12,000 RPM).

This ensures high precision, long life cycle and flush-trimmed edges. 

Travel and resistance can be adjusted separately via a manometer.

Fine trimming unit

The fine milling aggregate can automatically switched from 0.4-1.0 mm to 1.2 - 2.0 mm.

Once adjusted the robust aggregates of KAM 780 IQ remain in their position and ensure the required repeatability.

The efficient aggregates are supported by a high precision pressure system to prepare the edge for the scraping unit and the corner rounding unit. The aggregates are arranged close to the feeding system, so that workpieces of minimal width can be processed.

Fine trimming motors: 2 x 0.5 kW, 12,000 RPM

KAM 780S IQ for the processing of solid wood is additionally equipped with a rough trimming aggregate: motors 2 x 0.75 kW, 12,000 RPM,  manually adjustable 0-5°

Corner trimming unit

Two units process the variants – upside, downside, back, front – in order to make exact copies of profiles created before or of post-forming shapes. And all that at a maximum feed rate of 13 m/min.

The units are neatly arranged and easily accessible. With an engine power of 0.3 kW and 18,000 rpm, the copy units process everything in the corner section.

The aggregates are activated and deactivated via the terminal. It is possible to activate each aggregate individually, so that front; rear, upper or lower edge can be processed separately.

Profile scraping unit

The profile scraping unit is mounted on the base body of the machine and excels through its high stability.
The large diameter of the starter discs in combination with the stiffness of the aggregate guarantees a perfect egde!

The unit processes the previously fine routed edge. The drawing cut removes the planing blows and planes the cut edge for an optimal appearance.

Thanks to the scraping units, the synthetic edges get a uniform surface.

The efficient exhaust device straight at the tool ensures the chip-free operation within the machine and prevents from chip impact. Hence, an excellent surface quality is produced and the wear of the tool is reduced.

Spraying device

The spraying unit exactly at the profile scraping unit facilitates the application of antistatic cooling agents, e.g. Riepe LP289/99®. That prevents the glue from adhering to the aggregate, the edge radius adapts itself to the brilliance of the surface and the edge as well as the glue joint are cooled down. This protects the workpiece and prevents stress whitening at the edges.

Pneumatic 2-point-adjustment

The pneumatic 2-point-adjustment allows the changeover of this aggregate as a decisive factor for  the edge quality.

Thanks to the tilted arrangement of the aggregates various edge thicknesses can be processed with the same tool.

Surface scraping unit

The pneumatically controlled and robustly designed surface scraping unit is equipped with a separate exhaust and removes the last remaining glue residues off the plate.

Buffing unit


With 1,325 rpm, the edge material receives its final touch. All conventional fabric, sisal, and leaf wheels can be used.

Precise spraying device

Precise spraying of the abhesive in front of the buffing unit. By using the appropriate abhesive (Lohmeyer recommends Riepe products) the edge radius is brought back to its original brilliance. Hence, you achieve a high-end appearance in a smart way.