Horizontal Panel Saw NPL 3 HG

  • robust machine frame to accommodate the saw carriage
  • welded steel frame with heavy steel plates
  • heat treated
  • same pressure on the whole surface of the panel during processing
  • piano type dust cover provides a completely enclosed blade guard and prevents flying dust and chips
  • hand protector: protective device mounted on pressure beam for protecting operators
  • main operation interface with emergency stop button

Air floating tables

  • with steel balls reduces any scratches on panel surface and ensures smooth panel transmission
  • pressure fan under working table reduces compressed air losses 2 x 2.2 kW=4.4 kW
  • maximum stack height up to 1200 mm
  • heavy duty rear feeding hydraulic lifting table
  • max. load 5 t

Side alignment

  • to compress panel tightly during cutting
  • coordinated with grippers for high cutting accuracy especially for narrow panels
  • chain transmission
  • rubber covered contact rollers fix the panel in their position


  • central location of servo motor for allocating average power on each side of actuating device
  • to guarantee high precision and stability
  • motor 1.5 kW
  • rack and pinion

Clamping device

  • servo driven rack and pinion mechanism for high feeding precision
  • magnetic railing ruler measuring system (high precision, no contact, no abrasion, with no need to adjust, no influence of dust)

Saw carriage

  • standardized assembly for high precision
  • height of main saw automatically adjusted by the sensor according to panel thickness
  • guided with round guide rail on top and bottom
  • 22 mm solid plate
  • unilateral suspension structure for stable movement of saw carriage
  • servo motor driven through rack and pinion to ensure the cutting precision
  • positioning speed 5-100 m/min freely programmable
  • height adjustment of main saw and scoring saw guided by linear sliding block
  • main saw blade: Ø 460 x φ 60
  • scoring saw blade: Ø 180 x φ 45
  • main saw (18 kW) and scoring saw (1.5 kW) independently controlled

Automatic lubrication system

  • ensures smooth operation
  • easy maintenance, reduces maintenance and repair efforts


  • user-friendly HMI coordinated with USB interface
  • network card
  • mouse and keyboard
  • controlled by IPC
  • Windows operating system and optimizing software
  • cutting pattern is generated automatically
  • label printing function available

Optimizing software

  • connected perfectly with saw for best layout of material list
  • function for rest material management
  • rest material will be utilized first
  • optimizing the outturn
  • panel texture and panel store are optional according to the material list
  • OptiCut Software (OPTION)

Operational software

  • layout, direction and total number of panels can be indicated graphically in the screen while cutting
  • position of rest material is optional
  • use of panel guidance and cutting type can be determined
  • software confirms amount of panels during pattern input
  • then works out the cutting lines and label dimensions, if needed
  • automatically switching to next pattern as soon as one pattern finished

Technical data

  NPL 330 HGNPL 380 HG
CuttingMax. cutting length3,300 mm3,800 mm
 Max. cutting height120 mm
 Saw blade projection (above workpiece support)130 mm
Lift table width2,500 mm
Max. stacking height without pit1,200 mm
Max. stacking weight5,000 kg
Main sawMotor18 kW
 Outer diameter saw blade460 mm
 Inner diameter saw blade60 mm
 Speed3,910 RPM
VorritzsägeMotor2,2 kW
 Outer diameter saw blade180 mm
 Inner diameter saw blade45 mm
 Speed4,150 RPM
Saw carriagFeed rate8-50 m/min
 Backward speed120 m/min
 Motor1.5 kW (AC servo motor) electronically controlled • steplessly adjustable
Angle pressing deviceNC controlled • up to 120 mm
Air cushion table1 x 1,900 x 620 mm
2 x 1,690 x 620 mm
Option: 3 x 1,900 x 620 mm
4 x 1,900 x 620 mm
Working heigth960 mm
PowerTotal power consumption40 kW
Pneumaticsmin. 6 bar
Weight10,500 kg13,500 kg
Layout 9,585 x 9,200 x 2,020 mm9,585 x 9,200 x 2,020 mm