Horizontal Panel Saw NP 3 IQ

  • Max. cutting dimensions: 3,300 - 3,800 mm
  • Max. cutting thickness: 120 mm
  • Saw blade projection (above workpiece support): 130 mm
  • Main saw: 18 kW, 3,910 rpm, saw blade diameter 460 mm, inner diameter 60 mm, raised automatically according to the panel stack height
  • Scoring saw: 2.2 kW, 4,150 rpm, saw blade diameter 180 mm, inner diameter 45 mm, saw position is controlled electrically
  • The up and down movement of the main saw and the scoring saw is guided by linear sliders.
  • Saw carriage: 1.5 kW (AC Servo), forward speed 8-50 m/min, backward speed 120 m/min, high precision rack and pinion system, panel feed by high precision servo drive system, magnetic railing ruler measuring system (high precision, contact-free, no abrasion, not affected by dust)
  • 3 air floating table with steel balls for easy feeding of panels without any scratching
  • Machine control: user-friendly interface for easy operation, optimization software ensures high utilization of panels, cutting patterns are generated automatically
  • Label printing function is available (printer is optional).
  • Dust extraction: 2 x 2.2 kW = 4.4 kW
  • Total consumption: 27.6 kW
  • Working table height: 980 mm

Technical Data

  NP 330 HGNP 380 HG
CuttingMax. length3,300 mm3,800 mm
 Max. thickness120 mm
 Saw blade projection (above workpiece support)130 mm
Main sawMotor18 kW
 Outer diameter saw blade460 mm
 Inner diameter saw blade60 mm
 Speed3,910 RPM
Scoring sawMotor2.2 kW
 Outer diameter saw blade180 mm
 Inner diameter saw blade45 mm
 Speed4,150 RPM
Saw carriageFeed rate8-50 m/min
 Backward speed120 m/min
 Motor1.5 kW (AC servo motor) electronically controlled • steplessly adjustable
Angle pressing deviceNC controlled • up to 120 mm
Air cushion table1 x 1,900 x 620 mm
2 x 1,690 x 620 mm
Option: 3 x 1,900 x 620 mm
4 x 1,900 x 620 mm
Working height960 mm
Total power consumption27,6 kW
Compressed airmin. 6 bar
Weight6,000 kg6,900 kg
Layout6,935 x 6,170 x 2,020 mm7,435 x 6,670 x 2,020 mm