CNC Machining Center BAZ 810 IQ / BAZ 810D IQ

Travel distances / travel speeds

  • X axis:    2.540 mm    50 m/min
  • Y axis:    940 mm    50 m/min
  • Z axis:    150 mm    20 m/min
  • high quality servo motors for accurate movement in each axis
    BAZ 810 IQ:    2 in X, 1 in Y, 1 in Z
    BAZ 810D IQ:    2 in X, 1 in Y, 2 in Z
  • guide systems mounted on linear guides:
    ball screw (Z)
    rack and pinion (X und Y)

Dual drilling block in BAZ 810D IQ

  • drill equipment:
    2 x 14 vertical drills
    2 x 10 horizontal drills
  • individually selectable spindles
  • drilling blocks can be positioned separately in Y direction
  • drilling from five sides in a single set up
  • direction of rotation: clockwise and anticlockwise


  • table with six supports and two vacuum cups each
  • panel lifting device for easy positioning of the workpieces
  • alternating processing to reduce auxiliary times

Suction cups

  • diverse suction cups can be easily adjusted to fix panels of different shapes and sizes
  • min. panel width 50 mm

Electrical equipment

  • separate electrical cabinet with air conditioning
  • selection of workstations via the control panel
  • Syntec control
  • IPC with Windows operating system
  • USB port
  • 17'' screen

Separate dust extraction for each drilling block

BAZ 810 IQ / BAZ 810D IQ - Facts & figures


BAZ 810 IQ


Working rangeX axis2,500 mm
Y axis900 mm
max. workpiece thickness50 mm
Work table5 movable benches with 2 suction cups each6 movable benches with 2 suction cups each
Min. workpiece width50 mm
Max.  travel speedsX axis50 m/min
Y axis50 m/min
Z axis20 m/min
Main router spindleamount1-
speed18,000 RPM-
power6 kW-
Drilling block 1power1,7 kW
speed4.000 UPM
vertical drills1214
horizontal drills (X)2 + 23 + 3
horizontal drills (Y)2 + 22 + 2
Drilling block 2power-1,7 kW
speed-4.000 UPM
vertikale Bohrer-14
horizontal drills (X)-3 + 3
horizontal drills (Y)-2 + 2
Vacuum pumppower5,5 kW
suction flow rate160 m3/h
coolingair cooling
Dust extractionpipe diameter2 x 200 mm
speedmin. 28 m/s
extraction connectionØ 250 mm, height 2,400 mm
extraction capacitymin. 4,950 m3/h
pressure lossmin. 2.200 Pa
Note: Weight relief at extraction hose!
Compressed airrequired air pressure7 bar
Power supplypower26 kW/68A15 kW/68A
frequency50 Hz
voltage400 V, 3 phases
Machine dimensionslength x width *4,000 × 2,010 mm4,000 × 2,010 mm
height1,970 mm
weight2,600 kg2,600 kg

* Note: plus safety devices depending on local conditions