Horizontal Pressure Saw DBS 5 IQ


  • Strong and rigid machine frame to carry the saw carriage
  • Feeding and stacking device in front of the air tables
  • Moving graphics on the control guide the operator through the most complex cutting pattern
  • Program fence with rack and pinion drive for quick work piece positioning and fast cycle times
  • Main saw motor with programmable variable speed, the suitable RPM for each material type
  • Touch-free, magnetic measuring system – precise and impervious to dust and wear
  • Rugged pressure beam with minimum opening for blades insures great edge quality
  • Rack and pinion saw carriage drive for low maintenance, high dependability, and productivity
  • Optimized chip extraction to help keep the sheets and area clean
  • 4 Air tables for easy material handling – 4 x 1,900 x 540 mm
  • Scoring unit manually adjustable
  • Dust extraction: 3 outlets (left / right, inside the saw carriage)
  • Electronically adjustable feed rate of the saw carriage
  • Blowing unit
  • 8 workspiece clamping devices integrated in the programmable fence
  • Alignment system to secure 90° cuts, pneumatic controlled, up to 1,200 m
  • 15" TFT Display, movable eye-level terminal

High mobility on a stable basis

Side alignment

The NC-controlled angle pressing device, which can be moved over a cutting length of up to 1,200 mm, aligns the workpieces laterally and thus reliably and permanently ensures precise angular cuts. 

Air cushion tables for safe handling

The movable air cushion tables equipped with steel balls and a roller device with optimum air distribution allow the operator to move and rotate the panel books efficiently, effortlessly and gently. A powerful fan provides the necessary air cushion to protect the material. Starting from a cutting length of 3,800 mm, the machines are equipped as standard with four air cushion tables, each 1,900 mm long.

The pressure beam

The design of the pressure beam guarantees maximum rigidity and ensures uniform pressure over the entire book directly at the cutting line. Any vibrations are thus reduced to a minimum. The high-precision clamps in combination with the pressure beam guarantee best cutting results. The pressure, which can be adjusted by means of a pressure gauge, enables workpiece-specific settings. The results are material saving reference cuts.
The height of the pressure beam depends on the book height - this saves time and reduces cycle times.

Clamps - Guarantee for exact positioning

Robust clamps hold, convey and position the workpieces reliably and precisely even at high speeds. At travel speeds of up to 80 m/min, perfect parallelism is guaranteed over the entire machining time by means of a wear- and maintenance-free electro-magnetic measuring system. The contact pressure of the clamps is individually adjustable. 
The drive is provided by a servo motor with rack and pinion.

Powerful program fence

A solid double T-beam lateral guide with prism roller and linear guides on both sides ensure precise positioning of the workpieces. The program fence has a servo drive and is driven by rack and pinion to ensure parallel compensation. The drive, guide and measuring systems are separate units which guarantee high feeding accuracy. The wear- and maintenance-free measuring system consists of a magnetic guide ruler, which works contact-free, does not have to be readjusted and is not influenced by dust.
High program fence speed up to 80 m/min.

Machine base - robust and reliable basis

The total weight of the saws of over 6,000 kg each speaks for itself. The sturdy machine base accommodates the saw carriage and, with its perfect parallelism and perpendicularity, ensures permanently precise guidance - the perfect basis for optimum cutting results. The standard machine table support is a chrome-plated and hence wear-free steel table.

Additional start/stop switch

If the terminal is difficult to reach when machining large workpieces, a start/stop switch at the front of the air cushion table facilitates the activation of the machining process.

Automatic lubrication system

The automatic lubrication system ensures smooth operation by simplifying and reducing maintenance and repair work.

Technical data

  DBS 525 IQDBS 550 IQDBS 580 IQ
CuttingMax. cutting length3,300 mm3,800 mm4,400 mm
Max. cutting width3,300 mm3,800 mm4,400 mm
Max. cutting thickness80 mm
Saw blade projection (above workpiece support)90 mm
Main sawMotor15 kW (for main and scoring saw blade)
Saw blade400 x 60 mm
Speed4,800 RPM
Scoring sawSaw blade180 x 30 mm
Speed6,950 RPM
Saw carriageFeed rate8-50 m/min
Backward speed120 m/min
Motor1,5 kW (AC servo motor) electronically controlled • steplessly adjustable
Angle pressing device NC controlled • up to 120 mm
Air cushion table1 x 2,250 x 620 mm
2 x 1,690 x 620 mm
1 x 2,250 x 620 mm, 3 x 1,690 x 620 mm
Working height960 mm
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz
Total connected load 21 kW
Terminal at eye level 15“ TFT display • tiltable
Weight6,200 kg7,500 kg8,200 kg
Set-up dimensions 5,830 x 6,630 x 1,810 mm6,330 x 7,230 x 1,810 mm6,960 x 7,970 x 1,810 mm