CNC Machining Center BAZ 825 IQ


  • rigid and space-saving machine due to vertical design
  • 3 CNC controlled axes in X, Y and Z direction
  • Delta servo motor and drive
  • transparent front end
  • freely positionable CNC controlled workpiece clamp with automatic and smart reclamping technology
  • vacuum-free fixing of the workpiece with strong downholder in the processing area
  • 17“ screen
  • due to a gap under the workpiece through routing and drilling are possible without any set up time

Intelligent collet system

  • automatic reclamping in case of tool collision
  • collet gets automatically into position after the determination of the workpiece processing
  • max. workpiece thickness 60 mm

Drilling unit

  • 13 individually selectable vertical spindles
  • 8 horizontal spindles (3 + 3 in X, 1 + 1 in Y)
  • stroke: 50 mm
  • max. machining depth: 30 mm

Routing aggregate

  • routing motor with collet ER32
  • 4.5 kW spindle
  • max. 18,000 RPM

BAZ 825 IQ - Facts & figures in a nut shell


BAZ 825 IQ

Workpiece dimensionslength200 mm - 2,500 mm (more possible with support of the workpiece provided by the customer)
width70 mm - 850 mm
height12 mm - 60 mm
weightmax. 40 kg
Max. travel speedsX axis70 m/min
Y axis50 m/min
Z axis15 m/min
Routing aggregatesupply voltage400 V
speedmax. 18,000 RPM at 200 Hz
power4.5 kW
max. diameter tool holder20 mm
max. tool diameter35 mm
max. tool length70 mm
Drilling blockpneumatic feed stroke (Z direction)80 mm
max. drilling depth40 mm
vertical drills (single spindles)13
rotating direction single spindlesright
horizontal drills (double spindles)3+3 in X, 1+1 in Y
rotating direction double spindlesright / left
speed3,000 RPM
power2,2 kW
drill holder diameter10 mm
max. drill diameter35 mm
Dust extractionpipe diameter100 mm, connection directly at the processing unit
min. dust extraction speed28 m/s
extraction connectionØ 250 mm, height 2,400 mm
extraction capacitymin. 4,950 m3/h
pressure lossmin. 2,200 Pa
 Note: Weight relief at extraction hose!
Compressed airoperating pressure7 bar
Power supplyconnected load30 kW/68A
total load12,2 kW
frequency50 Hz
voltage400 V, 3 Phasen
Machine dimensionslength x width *3,720 x 1,690 mm
height2,056 mm
weight2,500 kg

* Note: plus safety devices depending on local conditions