6-sided CNC drilling and routing centre NCB2412


  • drilling and routing on six sides
  • grooving on the top and bottom side with milling spindle 
  • X positioning with CNC controlled collets that can be moved in relation to each other
  • automatic reclamping in case of collision with machining units
  • no set-up times
  • Windows-based control 
  • IPC, 17" LCD screen, 5 USB ports

Travel ranges / travel speeds

  • X axis:    2,400 mm    110 m/min
  • Y axis:    1,200 mm    75 m/min
  • U axis:                        110 m/min
  • Z axis:    70 mm          30 m/min
  • individual servo motors for all spindles
  • linear guide systems:
  • rack and pinion (X+Y)
  • ball screw (Z)

Guideway with double clamping collets

  • fast moving, long guideway enables high processing speed
  • double clamping collets and an automatic side alignment device guarantee high machining accuracy

Air float table (option)

  • air float table made of laminate board and steel for gentle and scratch-free conveying of the panels

Processing units

Processing units

  • equipped with 2 drill heads and 2 x 3.5 kW routing spindles:
    • upper processing unit:
      1 x 3.5 kW main spindle
      vertical drills: 12
      horizontal drills: 8 (X 2+2; Y 2+2)
    • lower processing unit:
      1 x 3.5 kW main spindle
      vertical drills: 9

Technical data NCB2412

Workpiece dimensions

length220 - 2,550 mm
width250 - 1,200 mm
height12 - 50 mm

Processing dimensions

X axis2,400 mm
Y axis1,200 mm
Z axis70 mm

Work table

typeair float table

Max. travel speeds

X axis110 m/min
Y axis75 m/min
U axis110 m/min
Z axis30 m/min

Main spindle

power2 x 3.5 kW
collet chuckER25
speed18,000 RPM

Drilling block

vertical drills (upper unit)12
vertical drills (lower unit)9
horizontal drills8 (X 2 + 2, Y 2 + 2)
max. drill diameter35 mm
drill grid32 mm
speed4,000 RPM
drill diameter10 mm

Dust extraction

pipe diameterbottom: 125 mm x 1, top: 150 mm x 1
dust extraction speedmin. 28 m/s
extraction connectionØ 250 mm, height 2,400 mm
extraction capacitymin. 4,950 m3/h
pressure lossmin. 2,200 Pa
Note: Weight relief at extraction hose!

Compressed air

 7 bar


standardair bearing table (length 1,500 mm)

Air blower

power2 kW
diameter suction nozzle60 mm

Power supply

power19.4 kW/68A
frequency50 Hz
voltage400 V, 3 phases

Machine dimensions

space requirement5,900 x 2,640 mm
height2,100 mm
weight3,500 kg